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Canadian freestyle skier Alex Bilodeau takes home gold at 2014 Winter Olympics

Posted On February, 10, 2014

The 2014 Winter Olympics showcases the best athletes in snow sports performing at the highest levels of competition. Every jump, turn and slide down the mountain courses at Sochi, Russia is history in the making. One of the most prominent freestyle skiers of this generation, Alex Bilodeau, has already solidified his status as a Winter Olympics legend by defending his title in the men’s moguls.

Optimal workout music playlist

Posted On January, 17, 2014


Grip strengthening exercises for hockey players

Posted On January, 15, 2014

Many athletes rely on strong grips to help them succeed in their sport - hockey, baseball and tennis to name just a few. However, grip training is often overlooked in athletic training programs. Dozens of exercises exist to help you strengthen your fingers, wrists and forearms. When you commit to getting a stronger grip, you’ll find that you have better control of whatever sport equipment you get a hold of. Here are some exercises that will give you the strongest grip possible:

Speed drills for basketball players

Posted On January, 7, 2014

“Speed kills” is phrase many sports personalities use when commenting on an basketball athlete’s quickness. Players who can evade opponents, slip through defenses, or transition into defense without missing a beat become valuable to his or her team. Some coaches say that quickness can’t be taught, but others believe you can train for increased speed. Here are some drills and exercises you can practice to give you an edge over the rest of the competition:

Balance exercises for soccer players

Posted On January, 6, 2014

Every athlete needs good balance to succeed in sports, but in soccer, maintaining stability in awkward positions gives you an absolute edge over the competition. Great players like Ronaldo or Messi can dribble down the field and shift their bodies at full speed. Even when an opponent tries to knock them off the ball, they still maintain great balance. This kind of stability takes years of training, but with certain exercises, you can achieve the same type of skill. Here are a few to try out at practice or on your free time:

How to improve hand-eye coordination for baseball

Posted On January, 2, 2014

Hand-eye coordination is one of the fundamentals of baseball, on both offense and defense. When a player hits a fly ball out to center field, you use your eyes to track it through the sky and into your glove. Some of the best professional hitters say they see the rotation on a pitch and use that skill to guess where the ball will land. That's a really advanced talent, but in any case, increasing your hand-eye coordination will make you a formidable baseball player. Many drills exist to help you with your ability to keep your eye on the ball. Here are a few:

Top 5 foods to eat before a game

Posted On December, 30, 2013

Fueling your body before the big game is important if you want to perform at your best.

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