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Super Bowl Sunday: The best day to ski

The majority of Americans are likely looking forward to Sunday because of the Super Bowl, but for those who like nothing more than having the slopes all to themselves, Super Bowl Sunday may be the best time to bust out their used ski equipment. Industry insiders say that the day of the Super Bowl is one of the best days to go skiing, not only because the mountain may be empty, but many resorts offer significant discounts, according to The Huffington Post.

Liftopia, a lift ticket brokerage firm, says that the prospect of the big game, and the parties associated with it, tend to deter usually avid skiers and snowboarders from heading to the mountain. However, for those who don't have much interest in catching the kickoff or are simply not football fans, there's arguably no better day to hit the slopes, especially for people who get frustrated by crowded trails.

"Super Bowl Sunday has always been one of the best days of the season to get out on the slopes," Liftopia co-founder and CMO Ron Schneidermann told HuffPost. "While everyone else stays inside to watch the big game, you can enjoy wide-open slopes and plenty of untracked snow."

Super Sunday is also an attractive day to go skiing or snowboarding because mountains tend to slash prices in an effort to attract more riders. In fact, Liftopia reports that prices on game day can dip as much as 85 percent off their normal rate. Few things are more appealing to skiers than an empty mountain at a fraction of the cost. 

People who do make it to the mountain this weekend may be doing themselves a favor in the health department as well. Hitting the slopes, whether on Super Bowl Sunday or any other day this winter, can offer some considerable health benefits, according to WebMD. Perhaps most importantly, downhill skiing works some of the most important muscles in the body - hamstrings, quadriceps and calves. Not only that, but it can improve flexibility, balance and stability as well as burning between 360 and 570 calories per hour.

So while much of the country is indulging in fried food and sugary drinks during the big game, those who decide to take advantage of the small crowds at the slopes will be doing just the opposite. 

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