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Snowboard tricks 101

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, spark inspiration for snow sport enthusiasts around the world. Some of the most popular events involve having technical skill and impressive style on the snowboard. The halfpipe, slopestyle and parallel slalom are just a few. While you might not want to compete on the world stage just yet, you can try a few of these simple snowboard tricks while you are hitting the slopes on your next outing:

Stationary ollie - Also referred to as a pop, the ollie is the backbone of all snowboarding tricks. Before you do any major spins and turns, you should be comfortable with just getting off of the ground and sticking the landing. Start by standing on a flat surface on your board. Put about 70 percent of your weight on your back leg. Squat low and quickly spring up, using your momentum to get as high as possible.

Air to fakie - This trick involves catching a little bit more air than the ollie and includes a turn. Find a gentle slope and begin riding down the hill at a moderate pace. To do the turn, twist your hips toward the direction of your choice. Squat low and shift your weight to your back leg. Jump and turn your entire body 180 degrees. After you turn try to land with both feet at the same time. 

The wheelie - If you like riding a bike with only one wheel touching the ground, you will appreciate wheelies on the snowboard. This is harder than it sounds because your center is split between the ground and the air. To do the move, start of in a crouched position. With your knees bent, shift your weight to your back leg. Steadily lift the nose of your board off the ground. Keep on practicing raising the nose of the board until you can hold that position for a long time.

Butters - This surface trick is one of the more exciting beginner maneuvers to perform. Start off at a medium speed down a clear, gentle slope. Find your balance and lift the back of the board while pivoting off the front to turn. Keep on turning the nose while it is still in the air. Be careful not to raise the nose too high or else you will lose your balance. Before you reach the full 360-degree turn, let the board's nose touch the ground. Complete the spin with the board flat on the hill's surface.

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