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Grip strengthening exercises for hockey players

Many hockey athletes rely on strong grips to help them succeed in their sport. However, grip strength is often overlooked in athletic training programs. Dozens of exercises exist to help you strengthen your fingers, wrists and forearms. When you commit to getting a stronger grip, you'll find that you have better control of whatever sport equipment you get a hold of. Here are some exercises that will give you the strongest grip possible:

Thick-grip dumbbell hold
Dumbbells that have large handles do an excellent job of working your gripping muscles. If you can't find thick-grip barbells or dumbbells, you can substitute with thick-grip add-ons. Other cheap options include wrapping a small towel around your bar or simply working with extra-heavy dumbbells. To begin the exercise, assume the athletic position (back straight, knees slightly bent, quads and glutes moderately flexed) while holding the dumbbells at your side. Maintain your grasp of the weights until you experience grip failure. Repeat two or three more times. Remember to do each set until you can no longer hold on to the weight.

Dumbbell pinches
Pinches are a great way to improve your finger strength. Try to find a hexagon-shaped dumbbell for this exercise. To begin, assume the athletic stance with a bench placed in front of you. Put the two hexagonal-shaped dumbbells vertically on the bench. Grasp the top of the dumbbells, focusing on the muscles in your fingers. Hold on to the weights until you can't any longer. To make this exercise a bit more challenging, try holding on while releasing one finger. Do this exercise two to three more times.

Free hang holds
This exercise uses your body weight to strengthen your forearms and fingers. You can use a pull-up bar, or a TRX strap. To begin this exercise, grasp the pull-up bar. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart and palms facing away from your body. Hold this position until failure. For an extra challenge, you can add a weight belt or try holding on with only three or four fingers.

Wrist roller
The wrist​-rolling exercise works nearly every muscle used to grip - forearm flexors and extensors, fingers and wrists. If you can't find a roller, just tie a rope around a dowel and attach a weight. To do this exercise, hold out the roller or dowel with your arms straight out in front of you at shoulder height. Extend your wrists one after the other to roll the weight up. Flex your wrists in an alternating fashion to lower the weight. 

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