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Garrett McNamara may have broken own surfing record

Garrett McNamara has been one of the most daring surfers for years. Anybody who has packed up their used surf gear and headed to the beach can surely appreciate his fearless attitude as he rides some of the biggest waves in the globe, and he recently may have outdid himself. The Massachusetts native was recently photographed riding what appears to be a 100-foot wave off the coast of Portugal, a feat that would break his own world record, reports

The wave in question was formed on January 28, when photographer To Mane snapped the picture of what appears to McNamara riding an impossibly huge wave. Though experts admit the photo isn't as clear as it could be, chances are it at least meets the record wave in Nazare, Portugal, which stands at about 78 feet. That wave helped McNamara set his first record last May. There's no confirmation just yet, but McNamara took to Twitter to thank his fans.

"Thank you for all your support. It means the world to me. Today was an awesome day and so fun to be out there," he wrote to his 2,685 followers.

How did McNamara get lucky enough to catch such an impressive wave? According to SurferToday, the conditions off the coast of Portugal were about as perfect as he could have asked for. Along with light winds from the south, the waters featured an unusually strong swell that created one of the most legendary waves in recent memory.

McNamara, 45, is certainly no stranger to riding big waves. He has spent much of his adult life in Hawaii, where big waves are just a way of life. Specifically, he has conquered a wave known as Jaws off the coast of Maui. Jaws is famous for its vicious swells that have been rumored to reach as high as 120 feet. In 2007, he became one of the first people to surf waves created by glaciers when he and his tow-in-surfing partner Kealii Mamala caught a wave caused by a glacier that fell into the water off the coast of Cordova, Alaska. Though most of the up-and-coming riders are half his age, it's clear that McNamara has a lot left in the tank, and there's no telling what he could do next. 

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