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Can you play golf year round?

Just because temperatures are falling doesn't mean that you have to put away your new or used golf clubs until spring.  In fact, golf enthusiasts in all climates can continue to hit the links throughout the winter months.

According to the PGA, playing golf in the winter is not only possible, it can also be enjoyable. However, it's important for those venturing out in the cold to ensure they stay warm and safe.

Dressing appropriately for the weather is important any time of year for golfers, especially when temperatures drop. Experts recommend dressing in layers and also investing in clothing that wicks moisture away from the body. Remember that you lose a lot of heat through your head so you'll want to wear a hat as well. Don't forget a good pair of gloves or mittens either.

Another must-have piece of winter golf gear is a water bottle. Staying hydrated is important even when it's cold outside. Although coffee or a little bit of liquor may help you feel warm, it can also lead to dehydration. Choose some hot chocolate instead for a safer option.

Investing in some colored golf balls may also be advisable, especially if you're playing on a snow-covered course. After all, finding a white golf ball in the snow may prove extremely difficult and result in a bad experience.

PGA instructor Kevin Weeks reports that golfers should also be prepared for a different type of game when it's cold outside.

"Due to the ball being cold, your many layers of clothes and lack of footing it is impossible to hit the ball as far as you do in the summer so you will have to take more club," he wrote on "Due to the elements, check your ego at the first tee, realize shooting your summer score probably isn't in the cards, and the goal for this day will be to have fun."

While braving the elements can be a lot of fun, many golfers simply may not enjoy spending hours in the cold. These individuals can consider a golf getaway to a warmer climate instead.

According to USA Today, some popular winter golf destinations include Scottsdale, Arizona; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Palm Springs, California; Texas Hill Country and Boca Raton, Florida. These locations offer players of all abilities the chance to get out and enjoy a beautiful course all year long, without worrying about cold weather.

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