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Buying the right running shoes is key

Few things are more important than choosing the right running shoes. Wearing the wrong pair while you're out for a jog or on your treadmill can not only be uncomfortable, but it could also cause injury. There are plenty of things to take into consideration when you're shopping for a new pair, from comfort to style, but there are a few things in particular should not be overlooked. 

Know what kind of runner you are
It can be easy to assume everyone runs the same way, but some nuances can drastically alter the kind of shoe you get. One of the most significant ways people differ is through something known as pronation, or how you roll your foot from heel to toe. Neutral pronators strike through the middle of their foot, overpronators put a lot of pressure on the outside of their feet, while underpronators put pressure on the inside. Each kind of runner requires a different type of shoe.

Luckily, there is enough variety of shoe out there for everyone. Neutral runners should pick up a pair that are semi-curved, overpronators should focus on a straight shape, and underpronators are best suited for a curved shoe. The easiest way to find out what kind of runner you are is to go to a specialty running store. 

Are the shoes a good fit?
Of course, not everything depends on how you run, sometimes you can tell whether shoes are a good match simply by trying them out. Experts from WebMD recommend trying out more than one pair to make sure you've found the right one. 

"Plan on trying on about six pairs that will range in price from $70 to $100," Julie Isphording, a former Olympic runner, told WebMD. Don't buy for price. Buy the pair that feel the best, she recommends. "There are a lot of good shoes out there. You'll find a pair that works for you."

Pay attention to the date
No matter how durable your running shoes may seem, their lifespan only lasts so long. Most experts estimate that the average shoe should be good for about six months or 500 miles, so make sure you notice what day you buy them and get a new pair when the time arises. 

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