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Strength training is an important part of any workout program. Gone are the days of the cardio only routine - today, every fitness trainer recommends a combination of cardio, strength and flexibility to reach your fitness goals.

At Play It Again Sports we carry a wide range of new and used weights in various sizes, styles and brands.  We carry standard and olympic plates and sets, dumbbells, kettle bells, hand and ankle weights, and many more products! 

And if cost has you concerned, you can bring in your quality used sports gear and fitness equipment and save even more. At Play It Again Sports, we want to ensure that you meet your fitness goals - without missing your financial goals!

We carry weights from companies such as CAP, York, USA, Go Fit and Apollo.

Our equipment pages show a sampling of the types of product that our stores carry. Not all categories or products shown are carried at all locations. Check your local store for the gear carried in your market.