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Lacrosse Protection

Lacrosse Protective

Lacrosse Protective

Our Play It Again Sports staff is trained to outfit you in all the right lacrosse gear!  We sell high quality used and new shoulder pads, elbow pads, arm pads, gloves, rib pads, and facial protection!  We will outfit you in the proper size, style, color, and protection for your upcoming season!

And because we'll pay you on the spot for the quality used sports gear and fitness equipment you are no longer using, only at Play It Again Sports can you create a discount you won't be able to match at any big box store!

We carry a wide selection of used and new lacrosse protective gear from STX, Warrior, Brine, Maverik, Easton, deBeer, Gait, and Reebok. Visit us today and check out our selection!

Learn more by watching the following video!

Our equipment pages show a sampling of the types of product that our stores carry. Not all categories or products shown are carried at all locations. Check your local store for the gear carried in your market.